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Post  Yuoru Hatake on Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:50 am

Okay, so I've always been wondering how to do D-rank missions...The only ones I have so far are just finding something, and in the actual series, D-rank missions were more like weeding someone's garden or walking their dog. I realize that those really are stupid, but they are supposed to be. Instead, I have a new idea on how D-rank missions can be completed. of course, any D-ranks that can be roleplayed will be kept, but I might add a new type: time-based missions. These may be something like just watching someone's house for a couple days, or something like that. To complete these missions, you must basically log in each day and post that you are still doing the mission. this will also encourage people to log in. At the same time, something might be posted by the AI that you must log in and react to it within a certain time. that way, people will also be checking in constantly when they take a mission.

again, post comments below.
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