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Post  Yuoru Hatake on Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:33 am

comments are appreciated...

Fire style-selfbrand technique
Genin level
Costs 30 chakra
Jutsu level gain: (level X 10) + 50
The user gathers chakra to their skin and burns it up. This can be used both offensively and defensively. However, if used defensively, it must prepared with the chakra focused for the moment of impact; otherwise, the chakra cost will be exponentially increased and it will do some harm to the user.
Chakra cost when used incorrectly: 150 chakra
Damage done: defensively-(15 X level)+jutsu offense-(opponent’s physical offense/5)
Offensively-(20 X level) + physical attack damage – (opponent’s physical defense/5)
Damage done to self when focused incorrectly: 30 X jutsu level

Sidenote on this jutsu-if someone posts something about attacking you and you use this jutsu out of reflex, It is still being focused incorrectly, and you damage yourself, along with wasting a lot of chakra.
Wind style-gentle breeze
Chuunin level
Requires 150 chakra control
Costs 50 chakra + other jutsu chakra cost
Jutsu does not level up
The user emits chakra to the air around them and sends it in a breeze in a direction. While the chakra is concentrated in the air away from the user, the user can perform the handsigns for a jutsu. The chakra that they released that is in the air can then be used to create that jutsu, starting away from the user. However, a jutsu that attaches itself to a body part (Examples: elemental fist techniques, chidori, rasengan) will have their chakra wasted as there is no host for that jutsu’s chakra.
Lightning style-lightning eyes
Genin level
Costs 15 chakra
Does not gain levels
The user gathers chakra to their eyes and a bright flash illuminates the immediate area within an instant. The flash occurs so quickly, any enemies cannot see it-it can be ideal for most stealth missions. However, anything that is sensitive to this visible chakra may be blinded, such as the Sharingaan or Byakugaan.
Fuuinjutsu: Blood tie
Chuunin rank
this jutsu is a variation of the shadow possession technique that has escaped from the Nara clan and is used by anyone. However, instead of controlling one with their shadows, one uses their own blood. the seal that is created using the blood is much stronger than the shadow bind, but also more focused and weaker. The user takes a sample of their blood and infuses it with chakra. the blood is then spread by any means on part of the target's body. one can usually only cover a limb without losing too much blood to cover the body. Whatever the blood is spread across, the user has complete control over. However, any harm done to that limb while under possession does not hurt the user.

Costs: 100 chakra, 75 stamina.

does not level.
Frost tempest
genin level genjutsu
the user creates a false blizzard aimed towards the opponent. although the Blizzard does no damage, the opponent feels chilled and their speed is drastically reduced. using any firestyle or being hit by fire style will temporarily stall the effects of this jutsu, while a genjutsu release will end this.
False assumption
Chuunin Genjutsu
The user performs the hand signs and draws their own blood. the blood then disapears into the air around them and enters the target's mouth. they taste the blood, and the genjutsu begins. during this time, the user can draw the powers from a single chosen Bloodline or kekkai genkai jutsu, and they may use its skills. they do no damage, except genjutsu bloodlines retain a weakened effect.

Medical numb jutsu
Chuunin level
The user sends chakra throughout their body, in the form of raiton. this numbs all of their body cells. Because of this, the user may ignore any pain in the next few posts (depending on the level) but their health will still drop. Using this jutsu, it is also possible to remain conscious even after fully depleted health, if the jutsu is in effect. however, if one runs out of health and this jutsu ends, they take much longer to recover.
this jutsu lasts for 5 turns, + one turn for each jutsu level. this jutsu costs 60 chakra and 50 stamina, and may be cancelled with an additional 30 chakra and 20 stamina.
Chuunin Rank
Ninja Art: Mud wind
Exp=100+(Jutsu level X 25)
The user rips a massive amount of mud from the earth with their chakra, and sends it forward in a stream against the opponent. Although not very powerful, this jutsu can have many uses, and is moderately easy to hit with, along with usually costing low chakra amounts. This jutsu is nearly impossible to use without a source of mud, as its chakra cost increases by so much; to remedy this, use a water style jutsu on dirt to make it mud.
Chakra cost=100 chakra, 25 stamina when mud is present
Chakra cost=10000 chakra, 1000 stamina when no mud is present
damage done=40 X jutsu offense + (Jutsu level X 40)
Water style: Thin Blood
Chuunin Level
Costs 20 chakra, 5 health, 10 stamina/can be used multiple times at once
jutsu levels=Jutsu level X 20
The user thins out their own blood with water. they then take their blood and graft chakra into it, and give it to someone else to heal them.
heals- 15 Health + (5X jutsu level)

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