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Post  Deva_Pein on Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:46 pm

1. name-lord pein

2. bloodlines-Sharingaan, Major Demon(1 tail sand),(whats the address to see the bloodlines? i know i have 2 points left but cant remember the page.)

3 explanation-

4. Appearance-Height: 5ft 1in
Weight: 100 pounds
Appearance: He has short black hair his brown eyes that are somewhat eerie. He wears mainly black.. His long black coat over his body at all times and he wears a brown shirt, black pants, with black ninja sandals.He wears his headband tied around his head. He also wears fingerless black gloves for combat. He now wears a rice hat on his head. (It’s similar in design to the akatsuki hats but teen size)

Background Info:lords father was a great shinobi who tough him as he was growing up. When lord was old enough he joined the academy.Lord hated the academy the whole time he was in it with his dad being as skilled as he was Lord already knew most of the stuff.Most the the kids hated him for it and saw him as cocky so he had very little friends while he was there, but the few he had he would protect with his life and even kill for them if he had to. The graduatiion day came and he tested in the top five. after he became a genin his father was attacked by another shinobi,while Lord was going to meet his dad at there trainning spot. When he got there he saw his dad fighting, his father saw him and told him to run but Lord couldnt move he had to know what would happen to his father. The battle lasted an hour when his father fell down "now time to kill you" the shinobi said turning to Lord as he came over to lord tried to fight "haha not bad kid you could of made a good shinobi he said as he kicked him across the trainning area. seeing this his father stood up "you wont hurt him anymore" he said useing the last of his chakra for the justsu that would kill the shinobi. After seeing his dad die lord was always unhappy but remember what his dad had said"protect those close to you no matter what"

5. prefered fighting type-ninjutsu and genjutsu but can use taijutsu

6. goals-to be the best and protect his friends

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Post  Admin on Sun Oct 11, 2009 9:16 pm

Approved. our first mountaineer...


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