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Post  Yuoru Hatake on Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:44 pm

Name: Yuoru Hatake

AP: 5

Bloodlines: Sharingaan, kekkai genkai summon clones, Major Fire Demon

Background: My character is Yuoru Hatake. I am Kakashi Hatake's son, and my mother is unknown at this time. During my infancy, I was implanted with a 6-tailed fire demon in order to contain one. Those responsible for putting the demon inside of me thought that Kakashi would be capable of handling me. Also, my eyes were replaced with sharingaan eyes at the request of my father. Because the age this operation was completed at, the sharingaan is natural to me and I can hide it and activate it at my will, while Kakashi has to cover up his sharingaan to avoid overusing it. however, at my age, i have not initially activated the sharingaan yet, so it remains dormant and I haven't figured out how to activate it yet.
My demon also taught me a technique called the summoning clone jutsu. my clones cost more chakra to create, but they are different types of clones. I summon my own chakra, which then takes my appearence. because it is my own chakra in a corporeal form, I can train it to be stronger and more durable. in other words, my clones can take a hit or two unlike standard shadow clones.

Appearance: I look remarkably similar to Kakashi. I have the same type of hairstyle, except that my hair is black with dark red and silver streaks in it. As a genin, my clothes look like Sasuke's, except my shirt is black without any design on the back. the seal that my demon is confined in is on my right arm. My eyes, without the sharingaan, are nearly black, with a slight coloration of green.

Preferred fighting style: I fight with a mix of taijutsu and ninjutsu. I might learn some genjutsu, but I do not foresee it becoming my forte in battle.

goals: I plan to attain the same prowess at battle as my father, Kakashi. I realize I will have to train hard, but it will be worth it!
Yuoru Hatake
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