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Post  Yuoru Hatake on Tue Feb 02, 2010 6:26 pm

Cost::2 AP (25%)
Description::The user is born with the spirit of a designated animal within them. Unlike a demon, the beast does not aid the user unless the bloodline is activated. When activated, the user takes the form of that animal. They have all the abilities of the animal, but lose all human attributes. Most jutsu are inaccessible in this form. Changing into the animal is different from transformation ninjutsu because only the user's own free will can halt the change. Even forms of mind transfer jutsu cannot reverse this bloodline once activated.
Abilities::The user can change into their animal. This is associated with a chakra cost at the following rate-

chakra cost = 100 chakra / bloodline level

Because of this, skilled bloodline users may effortlessly change form during battle.

Leveling::This bloodline levels in its own way. every post that the user is in their animal form gains 5 experience. This bloodline levels at the following rate:

bloodline level gain = 25 X current bloodline level

This bloodline can be stacked. one can contain multiple animal spirits within them. each animal levels up separately. This cannot, however, be combined into a character who contains a demon or bijuu of any form.

There are approved forms that one can have with this bloodline. Whatever animal you choose will be approved at the same time as character creation.
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