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Post  Yuoru Hatake on Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:46 am

Haha, look at the dead website e_e.

anyways, I have actually been thinking of stuff to change, and now I decided on the new taijutsu battle formula.

UPO= user's physical offense
OPD= opponent's physical defense

The old formula is as follows-

10 X (UPO / OPD)

blocked- 2 X (UPO / OPD)

so someone with 10 physical offense fighting 10 physical defense does 10 damage regardless of where it hit. 2 damage if blocked, which is if someone uses their arms to block. but still, not accurate enough.

The new formula is actually the same, with a couple changes.
first, you do the basic taijutsu formula

10 X (UPO / OPD)

Now, depending on where the attack hits and what causes the attack (fist vs. feet), the damage will be increased or decreased.

target is hit in the...
Arms-.2 (same as blocking)
Legs- .3
chest- 1
Back- 1.1
Head- 1.3
Pelvis (males)-2 (Please be mature in RP when addressing this)

not mentioned up above is just the normal rate.

now, if you use your fist to attack, you do normal damage also. if you use your feet to attack, your damage is multiplied by 1.3. if you use your head in a combo to hit the opponent, then you do 1.5 damage, but you also do half of the base damage (without target multipliers) to yourself.

That should be all for now.
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