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Post  Uchiha Ginei on Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:45 am

The hand seal - Ram, Boar, Horse, Tiger, for fire affiliate jutsus (Thought there are other combinations): The ram hand seal would be use for indirect control of the central nervous system in the same way we send electrical pulses around our body to create external movement through external force. With enough inner-strength, or focus. Madara, in creating certain gestures through the nerve endings in his hands, would trigger a reflex like nerve impulses. Like poking certain pressure points that cause a knock out reflex/effect. The hand seals, if one were to touch the correct nerve ending, would cause an imbalance in the central nervous system involving both the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. Which could cause certain parts of the body to behave in certain ways. This would cause a distinctive firing of appropriated chemicals and a reaction to occur in the entirety of his body. The monks use to practice 9 hand seals, though not Mudra, These known as Kuji-in. Madara used these seal like the monks used there mere hand gestures to altercate the serotonin levels in the brain to reach a state of euphoria. In doing this a slightly different way as projected, it would create other formation of chemical imbalances and reactions in both the brain and body.

Molding the chakra: The chakra type is normal charka: The Body Energy (Shintai Energy/Stamina) is a vital force generated within the cells of living organisms. Combined with Spiritual Energy (Seishin Energy/Soul), or force of will and mental fortitude. The combination of the two formed a fusilier of energetics, one both of spiritual practicality with the added physical force of stamina. The spiraling energetics would mould from Madara's very core. This being nothing more then a mediocre spiritual energetics. However, its would pass throughout his entire body via his chakratory system. In doing this, the Seishin Energy, or Spiritual energy would integrate or become of constructive value to his cellular state which simultaneously expunged a physical force through his bodily visage.

The Physics of it: The small amounts of Bio-electrically energy inert in Madara's nerve cells would mix with the chakra. The chakra itself would be a conductive fuelling agent to engender a combustibility to the mouth by way of creating and electrical current through the mouth from the cells found in the tongue and taste buds. As the cells in the tongue produce an electrical current from bio-electrical signs generated in the taste buds and cell receptors or the nerves found in the mouth. It would increase them to an inhuman level, which are increased by chakra so that physical exertion reaches past the threshold in which the cells are able to produce meaning they would most likely die or take minor damaged, one of the reasons why one can't over use jutsus. Though, would soon reproduce like all others do, so that in time the Jutsu is then reusable. (This would be your stamina). Argonon use of the chakra or spiritual strength found in training would allow his person to take the limitations off his body to a certain degree. The electrical signaling system for taste; that should be sent to the brain via nerve impulse. To expunge from the skin and react to the saliva. This intern would cause a tiny, almost insignificant electric arc. The minutiae electrical charge causes the subatomic particles and electromagnetic interactions to create a momentary flash of pure electrical current in the mouth.

Chakra could then be used to fuel the electrical current with its mysterious energetics to increase the spark into a flame like a copious fuel source such as petrol. Chakra would force a collective reaction of photon emission's by de-excited atoms and molecules in the gases and rupture them or even so much as use the electrical charge to excite them once more. While oxygen pushed from lungs gives the chemical reaction to energetic source a form of propulsion. From this method, if chakra is an ambiguous energy. It could too, increase the velocity of the oxygen moving from the lungs or the physical strength in which the lungs are able to exert air from. This means the flames chemical reaction would be exerted to by physical force, kinetic force, burning away from the mouth.

-Argonon Kazama quote-
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