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Name: Keihi Taijutsu [Little Fire Taijutsu]
Rank: -
Range: Close to Far
Jutsu Type: Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity: -
Clan: Uchiha
Description: A fighting stile that is part of the Konoha Military Police early training program, this is aimed to strengthen the young Uchiha senses of peripheral vision and gyroscopic orientation, and overall strength, stamina and speed while on it. It is a style Oboro was trained in by his father since he could differ which way was the left and which way was the right, so he can by all standards be called an expert on it nowadays. It consists on the Uchiha focusing on maintaining constant movement while fighting, never standing still on a single spot for more than a brief pause to get a picture of his relative situation, then resuming his movement. Because of this, a normal stand by stance is a dynamic footwork, revolving in as random paths as one is driven into by the own feet, hands extended at one's sides ready to either attack or block or whatever.

This style main feature is that it takes battlefield not as a 2-dimensional plane as many other famous styles of the world, but as a 3-dimensional dome with its origin spot located at the target's center of mass and the Uchiha on the outside orbit, and so the Uchiha will not move in classical axial patterns such as zig zag or straight forward, but instead will use the maximum air space included in the dome around the opponent while battling, so an initiate can be seen performing many acrobatic stunts, such as back flips, butterfly kicks, somersault jumps and many kinds of airborne spinning combinations, approaching his target from every direction and attacking sometimes with no more references than inertial momentum which always points at the origin of the dome coordinate system.

An Uchiha will strike with his feet and lower body first, then proceeding to strike with his middle and upper body if intercepted, being able to start an attack sequence jumping completely upside-down and ending standing at the other side of the target, to continue the battle from there. This is so to encourage the Uchiha to protect his eyes at all costs, as even while they haven't awakened the Sharingan, it is a major treasure and must be valued with one's life.

This doesn't focus on any Martial Art in particular, but uses some elements from Kapoeira and Northern Wu-Haroshuu, focusing on having the practitioner accustomed to combat and move with his own momentum and peripheral senses as only reference system, building up the body to attain the necessary sharp reflexes and quick muscles of the best fighters, in order to prepare him or her to copy and learn from others more sophisticated techniques with the Sharingan later in life. It is said that it was invented to counter the way of thinking of the Hyuuga Jyuuken, which centers the practitioner statically in the origin of the "divination circle" dome. The Uchiha moves within that dome freely using all the space available, making it harder for a Hyuuga of the same starting level to spot him with the immature Byakugan, even with 360 degree vision, while it isn't desired for the Uchiha to have attained the Sharingan to fight a Hyuuga at this level.
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