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Here are the main rules for roleplaying on this forum.

However, before any of these rules apply to you, you must have posted your character introduction in the introductions thread before you are allowed to participate in a fight or event. this basically means you may not post in any thread in a village link.

  • Find a ref for every fight you do. if no one refs, the only thing you'll get out of the fight is development of RP skills, meaning no stat gains.

  • DO NOT GODMOD! godmodding violates the following rules:

1. you can not control the other person. the referee may decide flinches and such, but you can not make the attack or defend or try to dodge, unless if it is a mind control jutsu or genjutsu. those are the two exceptions. Another exception is if you are starting a fight, and you are setting the scene. If what you are making the other person do has no effect on the battle whatsoever, and you are only trying to make things interesting, it is alright. of course, in the mission mode, the referee is allowed to take what you say and build a plotline on it. You will not be punished in those circumstances.
2. Once you run out of health, play fair and be dead. if you run out of health and pull something like having strong willpower and continuing to fight, the ref automatically ends the fight and you lose.
3. Autohitting is automatically hitting something without assurance you hit. for example, you start out the battle using a chidori, and you post that you charge forward and drive your hand into the opponents chest and kill them. NO. they could dodge, right? just sidestep or jump in the air. now, if you say "while my clone restrains you from moving, I charge up with the chidori and strike you with it" now, there is something that is helping you hit.
4. The above brings up another point. in the roleplaying fights, you must use the clone jutsu in order to have clones. you can't just randomly decide that you have clones on the field that noone knew about. Another near-taboo jutsu includes the transformation jutsu. I am limiting this into transforming into another character, and when you do so, you must send a private message to that person and the referee saying you did so.
5. You enter the battle with whatever you start with. this means that you cannot learn a brand new jutsu during battle. the only exception to this is the sharingaan. if you finally gain that level to permanently know the jutsu while using sharingaan, then you can learn it and use it in the battle. however, if you randomly learn chidori during a fight when that move was never used, your godmodding.

  • There is also a story/mission roleplaying section. there will probably be a referee, and that person will take the role of the squad leader or enemy, maybe even both. however, the referee in this situation is also the narator. the narrator describes the situation the characters are walking into. for example, if you are raiding an enemy fortress, and the characters walk into a new room, the room is designed according to the narrator. if the narrator chooses to do so, they may put up an image of the area or the room, such as a birds-eye view of the area.

  • The rules stated above do have their own punishments as well. minor godmodding may result in loss of about 5% of max health, chakra, or stamina (not permanently, only for the battle, while major godmodding can result in automatic forfeit. its just easier, if you try and avoid godmodding at all, right?
    of course, if you talk back to the referee, if it is someone other than me or any mod, they will PM me and I will inflict a punishment according to the "talking back" rule seen in the other rule thread.

  • PVP fights will also be turnbased. if an exception is made, such as restraining the enemy, the referee will decide whether the attacker gets an extra turn. at the start of your turn, you get 5 chakra and 5 stamina back. health is not recovered every turn, except for some missions.

I believe that is all for now. Please don't make it so I have to add more rules.


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