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Name: Uchiha Ginei

2; AP 5
2.5; bloodlines-Sharingan, Inner spirit, Summoning clones Kekkai Genkai

3: Member of the notorious Uchiha clan father was an Uchiha

4; It was a warm summers night when Ginei and his twin sister, Hitomi, were born. Their mother, bless her soul, died giving birth to them, twins proving to be too much for her smaller body, but not all was lost. Both Hitomi, the eldest, and Ginei, the youngest, survived and were brought into this world with much hope and promise. Their father, named Doushi Uchiha, raised them as best he could at the Uchiha Complex without the help from a wife. Doushi was a kind soul and was simply glad that his children had survived. For the first one and a half years of their lives all was well for these twins.

However, disaster was soon brought down upon them. Fear was struck through the Uchihas, as they fell one by one during the massacre, and Doushi hid his children as best as he could, placing them in bread baskets and hiding them in the kitchen. Doushi died, protecting his house, and the fates of his children were uncertain. However, it seemed that Hitomi and Ginei would be saved. Taken from their home and the spilled blood of their father, a stranger with white hair whisked them away and took them into the Forests of the Fire Country. The mysterious man traveled fast and silently, possessing great skill, and moved through the night like a shadow. Eventually, after a few solid hours of travel and at the on-set of sunrise, the man made it to a small trading village near the outskirts of the Fire Country. Taking the children, asleep and without worry, he set them on the door-step of one of the larger houses in the village and left.

In the morning, as the elder Hitoshirezu was on his way to his job, he happened upon the children at his doorstep. Usesarazu Hitoshirezu called his wife, Kako Hitoshirezu, and they marveled at the infants that had been left at their door. Kako and Usesarazu immediately went to the town council with their discovery and asked what must be done. Usesarazu, an influential man in the community, decided that he would take the children for himself and raise them. His wife and him called it a twist of fate and somehow felt a responsibility for these children. But, no matter; all was well and good because Kako and Usesarazu had no children of their own and Ginei and Hitomi were set to have a better life.

Jiro and Hitomi, nameless, were given the names Zenrei Hitoshirezu and Nejime Hitoshirezu, respectively. Rei and Jime, as they referred to themselves, grew up in a hard-working household, but a kind one. Rei and Jime, as the children of Usesarazu, were known by almost the entire village and were protected by them. Rei and Jime for the next few years of their lives were able to live fairly peacefully. Zenrei and Nejime, never separated, grew very close during these years, unaware that they were twins. Their similar appearance, though pronounced, wasn't quite complete. Zenrei, or Jiro, had a harder jaw-line and a longer face while Nejime, or Hitomi, possessed a more womanly and curved face.

However, Rei and Jime knew that they had a connection by their similar pendants. Hitomi possessed a necklace that had half of a pendant on it. Jiro's bracelet had the second half of the pendant on it. Rei and Jime, though different, refused to be separated and enjoyed their early lives in considerable leisure, unquestioning about their past. Soon, however, it was time for Zenrei and Nejime to attend school. Jime easily excelled in all subjects, a natural born at these kinds of things, but Rei had considerable trouble. Zenrei's mind was more geared towards action and movement, rather than studying and, well, paying attention in general. However, despite this, Rei was able to pass his classes, with average marks, and follow along side Jime with her excellent marks.

It was during this time, and with interactions with other students, that Jime and Rei began to develop command of their chakra. The children at the school yard during break times would often play a game between rival shinobi groups. Most of the children possessed a simple understanding of chakra and what shinobi could do, except really for Jime and Rei. However, the twins soon picked up on the shinobi thing quite easily. They began to awaken their skills, slowly but surely, and helped one another to gain command of their chakra. During this time, Jime and Rei spent a lot of time studying in the Hitoshirezu Library among a relatively large collection of books and asking questions of the villagers.

Whenever shinobi would stop by in their village, Jime and Rei would survey them and follow them around, studying their behavior and their skills. Jime and Rei, soon enough, were interested in visiting Konohagakure, the closest hidden village. Kako and Usesarazu told them that they would not entertain the idea until they were older saying that, "You need to build a future before you go off playing 'ninja." Jime and Rei, their spirits not easily crushed, continued to study about chakra and jutsu, of what they could find, until they could produce it on their own. From that point onward, Jime and Rei fine-tuned their chakra skills with whatever methods they could think of. First, they simply worked on molding and directing chakra to their muscles in order to give them more strength and speed. It wasn't an easy task, but Jime and Rei were able to pick up on it. Jime and Rei, for the most part, kept these new-found skills and chakra creating abilities to themselves, only using them when the situation most required it.

Jime and Rei next worked on what they had heard from shinobi that visited the villages in that they could climb trees only using their feet and walk on water. These proved to be much more difficult undertakings and Jime and Rei were only able to partially master these abilities after weeks of training. Finding their new skills exciting and wonderful, and being only naive children, Jime and Rei decided to show their new skills to their classmates. At first, their peers were excited with their powers and found them to be quite awesome as well. However, word began to extend to the older children. The younger children begged and pleaded for Zenrei and Nejime to teach them what they had learned, and Rei and Jime tried their best, but they were no teachers. Their lineage and the Uchiha blood in their veins gave them a natural genetic predisposition to shinobi skills, but the other children could only hope to be this lucky. They were all born and raised in a small village were the presence of shinobi were scarce.

The older children, mostly the males, were also interested in the Hitoshirezu's newfound abilities. They began to bully them, at every chance they got, to show them their powers so that they might understand how they worked. Jime and Rei refused to give in, at least for the most part, but the bullying continued. It got progressively worse until it turned to bodily violence. Jime and Rei were not experienced with combat and were easily thrown down and beaten. They tried their best, with the chakra they had awakened, but the older children proved to be too much. However, encircled and close to the final blow, Rei and Jime were able to awaken their Sharingans. They didn't understand what was happening or what their newfound ability was, but it enabled them to finally escape from the clutches of those who had bullied them. Jime and Rei immediately ran home after the bullying incident, with their Sharingans still activated, and asked what was happening. Usesarazu and Kako had no idea what was going on and could explain nothing.

Jime and Rei soon fainted after returning home, the Sharingan placing a great stress on their body, and slept for about a day. When they woke up their parents said that they had asked a visiting shinobi to their trading village what their ability might have been. The shinobi had said that what they possessed was something very, very special and that they should return to Konoha to find out the extent of what Rei and Jime were. It was also at this time that the Hitoshirezus explained to them that they were actually orphans, found upon their doorsteps years ago. Zenrei and Nejime, shocked for the most part, finally understood what was happening to them. They didn't understand it completely, but the pieces were falling into place.

Eventually, Zenrei and Nejime agreed to return to Konoha, curious beyond almost all reason, and the Hitoshirezus escorted them there. At the Administration Complex, their first stop, the Hitoshirezus presented a note to the secretary there at the time that had been given to them by the shinobi that had originally told them to return to Konoha. The note read something about how Rei and Jime were most likely Uchiha, by their foster-parents' description of their eye ability. The secretary immediately took the note to the Hokage, this finding momentous, and asked of his/her directions. The Hokage immediately went to inspect the children him/herself and asked the Hitoshirezus if they would allow Rei and Jime to stay here a while longer. The Hitoshirezus agreed, but it seemed Usesarazu had work to do in the village. Their foster mother, Kako, would stay with them as they went to check their files the next day.

The three of them, Kako, Zenrei, and Nejime, traveled to the mostly farthest reaches of the Uchiha Complex with an escort. The escort was able to find the files on all of the Uchihas born in the years before the massacre and Nejime and Zenrei were included in them. Finding their profiles, after matching them up, the siblings found out that they were twins, sharing a birthday (though Hitomi was born first), and that their real names were Ginei and Hitomi Uchiha. Ginei and Hitomi, getting their actual pasts back, were told of the Uchiha Massacre, and what returning to Konoha would mean. The Uchiha Clan was not dead, not by a long shot, and Ginei and Hitomi could be a part of that. Ginei and Hitomi decided to stay with their real names, in honor of their deceased father and mother, and decided to stay in Konoha and train in order to become shinobi.

Ginei and Hitomi agreed to visit the Hitoshirezus from time to time and still miss them to this day. They were their mother and father for some time of their lives and that was important to the twins. However, continuing what their parents would have wanted, in becoming shinobi, and to fulfill a long running dream of theirs, they had to stay in Konoha. Ginei and Hitomi were then entered into the Academy, still inseparable. They caused quite a stir, as Uchihas, and were slightly more respected because of it. Ginei and Hitomi, because of their earlier studies, were able to easily take to the shinobi skills, but were incredibly happy to have an actual teacher. They graduated the Academy in no time, at about the age of twelve, and now strive to further their training and to increase their strength. Ginei and Hitomi are still strong and plan on fighting towards a better future.

4.5; Appearance:
Uchiha in heart, Uchiha in mind, and, once again, Uchiha in body. As Ginei had first stripped himself of his identity, in order to hide, he now aimed to do the exact opposite. The young boy has grown quite a bit in two long, difficult years. He has maintained his lithe and thin appearance, but his body has almost filled out completely with powerful muscles. Ginei supports a broad set of shoulders with a thin waist.

5:A fighting stile that is part of the Konoha Military Police early training program, this is aimed to strengthen the young Uchiha senses of peripheral vision and gyroscopic orientation, and overall strength, stamina and speed while on it. It is a style Oboro was trained in by his father since he could differ which way was the left and which way was the right, so he can by all standards be called an expert on it nowadays. It consists on the Uchiha focusing on maintaining constant movement while fighting, never standing still on a single spot for more than a brief pause to get a picture of his relative situation, then resuming his movement. Because of this, a normal stand by stance is a dynamic footwork, revolving in as random paths as one is driven into by the own feet, hands extended at one's sides ready to either attack or block or whatever.

This style main feature is that it takes battlefield not as a 2-dimensional plane as many other famous styles of the world, but as a 3-dimensional dome with its origin spot located at the target's center of mass and the Uchiha on the outside orbit, and so the Uchiha will not move in classical axial patterns such as zig zag or straight forward, but instead will use the maximum air space included in the dome around the opponent while battling, so an initiate can be seen performing many acrobatic stunts, such as back flips, butterfly kicks, somersault jumps and many kinds of airborne spinning combinations, approaching his target from every direction and attacking sometimes with no more references than inertial momentum which always points at the origin of the dome coordinate system.

An Uchiha will strike with his feet and lower body first, then proceeding to strike with his middle and upper body if intercepted, being able to start an attack sequence jumping completely upside-down and ending standing at the other side of the target, to continue the battle from there. This is so to encourage the Uchiha to protect his eyes at all costs, as even while they haven't awakened the Sharingan, it is a major treasure and must be valued with one's life.

This doesn't focus on any Martial Art in particular, but uses some elements from Kapoeira and Northern Wu-Haroshuu, focusing on having the practitioner accustomed to combat and move with his own momentum and peripheral senses as only reference system, building up the body to attain the necessary sharp reflexes and quick muscles of the best fighters, in order to prepare him or her to copy and learn from others more sophisticated techniques with the Sharingan later in life. It is said that it was invented to counter the way of thinking of the Hyuuga Jyuuken, which centers the practitioner statically in the origin of the "divination circle" dome. The Uchiha moves within that dome freely using all the space available, making it harder for a Hyuuga of the same starting level to spot him with the immature Byakugan, even with 360 degree vision, while it isn't desired for the Uchiha to have attained the Sharingan to fight a Hyuuga at this level.

6:To revive the Uchiha clan
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