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Post  Ryumaru Toranaga on Sun Oct 11, 2009 4:45 pm

Name- Ryumaru Toranaga


Bloodline- well gonna try to make one

Background: I'm the only survivor of an the well know Toranaga clan, an clan of assasins, considered the best clan of assasins. When i was 5 years, after my parents assasinated and importand lord of the Mountain Village, the entire village hunted and killed my clan, but my parents somehow knew that will happen and hid me deep in the forest were i was found by a ninja from Konoha and taken to the village. Since then i trained hard to find out who betrayed our clan because i knew that there was no way someone would've found out my parents were the assasin, unless someone betrayed them.

Appearance- I'm about 6'2 inch tall with a slim body, like everyone in my clan was, with hair reaching my shoulders and covering my eyes. i wear a black ninja suit with a vest, wich is unusual for a genin, but i need it to keep my weapons.

Fighting type- Because i was born in a family of assasins i use both taijutsu and weapon, and use them in combination for maximum effect.

My goal is to find out who betrayed my parents and to rebuild the Toranaga clan but not as an clan that doesn't belong in any village but as an clan of assasins and defenders of Konoha.
Ryumaru Toranaga
Ryumaru Toranaga

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