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Post  Admin on Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:52 pm

Okay, so this took forever to finally put up. Its not like there have been any violations here in the 2.5 months the site has been around and this hasn't, its just that people should know what is expected.

In general, if you think something might be a bad idea, don't risk it. if you are intent on posting that, please ask an admin first. That way, you won't get a warning first.

Another thing to address: double posting. Double posting is not really allowed in any of the RP section of the thread. this means that, within reason, you may double post on the Creation threads. now, if you just want to change the details on some of the jutsu or bloodlines you upload, you do not need a whole new post-it is much more simple to just edit it. however, if you have a whole list of jutsu that you keep adding onto, feel free to make a new post for that second jutsu.
In fights, do not double post. in fact, do not edit your post, unless if the other person is not online and has not posted a response to your first post. doing so, will invoke punishment (more on that later).
Admins may double-post in announcements and such, but are also held accountable to double posting in unneeded areas.

FLAMING! flaming is harrassing others. don't do it to the people on the other side of the internet. however, feel free to be mean to one's character WITHIN REASON. The only reason i am allowing this is because the roleplaying part of this can be affected by the chemistry between two people. however, if you are asked to stop, by either the player's character you are harassing or an admin, then stop, or else you may be reported. if you are not told to stop anything, then you are free to act as you will, but only to the characters. again, out of character flaming will not be tolerated.

OOC and IC: OOC=out of character. you write OOC: (put your text here) when you want to say something to the other person that does not have anything to do with the characters, or is your personal input on the battle. This shows that the person is not talking from their character's perspective, but their own. other ways to show this is Parentheses () at the beginning of the post.

IC=In Character. After you write OOC, and you finish your thoughts, write IC. when you do that, everyone is notified that you are back in character. if you are using Parentheses to show out of character, then just close the parentheses and write normally, and then people will know that you are back in character.


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Re: Rules on posting. MUST READ BEFORE STARTING.

Post  Yuoru Hatake on Sat Dec 26, 2009 11:06 am

Now, lets say that someone DOES happen to break the rules. What happens then?

This is the punishment hierarchy. first, you break the rule the first time. you get a Warning. you do not lose anything from this. if you keep doing it, you get a Minor Punishment. Okay, so you forgot... after that, you get a medium punishment. these are somewhat bad, and at this point, you should be getting it.
"I get it! I get it!"
"No, you don't get it. You think you get it, which is different from actually getting it. Get it?"

Yeah...Get it. anyways, if you STILL don't get it, your character will begin to get real punishments. Permanent ones, that you cannot fix. these are the Major Punishments (Duh Duh Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh). These are the worst, aside from banning.
The punishments are listed below.

Warning- Stop doing that! (nothing else)

Minor punishments
loss of max health, chakra, stamina (5%-20%)
loss of a stat (offenses and defenses, 5-10 points)
loss of experience (20%-50% of current level)
loss of jutsu experience (restart the jutsu level)

Medium Punishments
loss of max health, chakra, stamina (25%-50%)
Loss of a stat (offenses and defenses, 20-40 points)
loss of experience (50%-80% of current level)
loss of jutsu experience (restart current jutsu level, lose 2-5 levels of jutsu)
temporary ban from fights, exams, etc.

Major punishments
Loss of ability points (1 each time, YOU WILL LOSE BLOODLINES)
inability to learn a jutsu
stats (including xp) gained 50% rate
doubled chakra/stamina costs
permanent 1/2 turn regeneration

I'll think of more >:D phear me.

oh, and also, some misdemeanors, such as Hacking the entire website and screwing over everyone's character, or even just hacking another account, may lead to banning, or just skipping straight to medium or major punishments. so just don't do it, people.
Yuoru Hatake
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